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Jewish Renewal Organisation

Learn more about the Jewish renewal movement.

Jewish Peace Fellowship


"Meaning for Living through a Jewish Lens" is the motto of this six hundred page site featuring extensive free resources for finding clear explanations, emotional satisfaction, intellectual expansion and spiritual connection through Judaism. Material is grounded in tradition and reflects attention to respectful pluralism.

Bmitzvah.org  Create a more meaningful, spiritual and memorable bar/bat mitzvah through this site of new methods of bar/bat mitzvah preparation developed by Rabbi Goldie Milgram under a grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation. All material posted has been tested with families, students and educators and in all denominations.

SaveTibetFriends of Tibet
International Campaign for Tibet
In response to Kristallnacht, Dietrich Bonhoeffer told his students at the underground seminary in Köslin, "Those who fail to speak out for the Jews have no right to sing Gregorian Chant." In his spirit we say that those who fail to speak out for the Tibetans, who have for over 50 years been subjected to systematic cultural, religious, and physical genocide by the government of China, have no right to sing "Yedid Nefesh." Among the organizations engaged in supporting Tibet are these two.